Vulnerability Is Essential for Connection, It Does Come With A Cost

At the beginning of quarantine rules, there were jokes made about it being an introverts time to shine. As the restrictions carried on, it all became less funny. Even the introverts recognized their need for connection with people. Social media is a two edges sword. Bringing people together, but bringing people into our lives that… Continue reading Vulnerability Is Essential for Connection, It Does Come With A Cost

Understanding Is A Gift

As Christmas approaches, some are making difficult choices to cancel planned gatherings, or not to join with groups. It would be easy to be angry or hurt by those choices. The best gift we can give each other is understanding. Everyone has to make a decision based on what they know to be right for… Continue reading Understanding Is A Gift

Temperature Is Dropping

Here in the Pacific northwest, the temperature is creeping down as our season slips from autumn to winter. Some are hoping for a white Christmas, others have enjoyed the extended warmth.Most are ready for the eventuality of the cold. Pantries are stocked, flash light batteries are fresh, and books are stacked, waiting to be read.… Continue reading Temperature Is Dropping

Seeing Holiday Stress From A Child’s Perspective

Much is written and thought about Christmas being for children. What happens when we look at the holiday season from a child’s perspective? Adults stress about how much money is being spent or how much isn’t available. They are sad about getting together with family or worry about having to get together. The activity level… Continue reading Seeing Holiday Stress From A Child’s Perspective

Presence Is A Gift

Distractions are not new, they are simply closer at hand. Literally in our hand. The information age is a wonderfully thing. Unfortunately, it is also a terrible thing.  Time meant to be spent with people, turns quickly into time looking up the best recipe, as someone asks a simple question and a room full of… Continue reading Presence Is A Gift

Memories Of Cookies Past

When I was a young wife, far from home, I decided I wanted to make candy kiss cookies like my Grandmother made. I gathered all the ingredients, baked them perfectly, and had a joyous time smooshing the candy into the middle. Then, finally, biting into one. Only to be disappointed by them. They didn’t taste… Continue reading Memories Of Cookies Past