Understanding Is A Gift

As Christmas approaches, some are making difficult choices to cancel planned gatherings, or not to join with groups. It would be easy to be angry or hurt by those choices.

The best gift we can give each other is understanding.
Everyone has to make a decision based on what they know to be right for themselves and their immediate household. There isn’t one answer that is better than another.

Some are having to make changes because of illness or exposure.
The best gift we can give each other is understanding.
There is an inevitability of these outbreaks. Gatherings at Thanksgiving are trickling down now to illness at Christmas. People are heartbroken they are missing the festivities. Taking time to find ways to include them is important and kind. Video chat, dropping of oodies, sending cards; all good ideas.

And others are wanting life to go back to normal, and will do all the things, see all the people. In a multitude of settings.
The best gift we can give each other is understanding.
This is also a personal choice. The are making their choices as well. It is easy to get why they want to move on.

No amount of name calling or derogatory remarks about another person’s choice is going to make the situation better or change any minds.

So while you are wrapping those perfect gifts, make one of them understanding. It isn’t that you need to agree, but that you understand they are doing the best they can, as are you.

Stay safe and hope for a better year ahead.

By Laura

Laura S. Tarasoff is poet, writer, explorer, and believer in people. Laura lives on Whidbey Island, Washington. Whenever she can she walks the beach looking for agates, hoping for whale sightings, or takes on the splendor of the eagles and hawks filling the prairie sky. She enjoys a terrific burger, a rolling laugh, and getting to know people.Laura hopes that her words will bring hope and encouragement to get through the hardest parts of life.

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