Quitting Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

At the beginning of October 2021 I quit the job I had been at for 16 years. I loved my job, but my work situation had become so stressful that I dreaded going to work. So I left. I took me months, after I decided I should, to make the move. Quitting isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I still miss my job. I am an encourager by nature, so it was perfect for me. Finding a way to fill the gap is going to take time. I know it will happen. Until then I keep plugging along on what I can do.

it isn’t the first time I have walked away from something I loved because the situation had become bad. I could tell you each situation, because they were so hard for me to get through.

Making these life altering decisions is not easy. The feelings that come with those choices won’t be forgotten. I moved on, grew, changed, did other things. But the memories stayed. 

The important lesson was not in the walking away, but in the walking on. I moved forward with my life. For a while it meant functioning, then something new came and it was fulfilling. 

The idea that quitting is easy doesn’t take into account the choice that is made. And quitters do win. I didn’t face down my problem, I walked away from it. I don’t need to stay for the fight that I know I can’t win. There is no glory in being battered emotionally. By quitting, I won myself back. 

Only you can decide where the fight ends. If you walk away or if you hold out, be proud of yourself for doing what is right for you.

The only thing we need to quit is trying to please others with our choices. 

By Laura

Laura S. Tarasoff is poet, writer, explorer, and believer in people. Laura lives on Whidbey Island, Washington. Whenever she can she walks the beach looking for agates, hoping for whale sightings, or takes on the splendor of the eagles and hawks filling the prairie sky. She enjoys a terrific burger, a rolling laugh, and getting to know people.Laura hopes that her words will bring hope and encouragement to get through the hardest parts of life.

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