Re-Frame Sacrifice to Reward

Re-frame Sacrifice To Reward Misery loves company. If you are looking for someone to listen to your woes, you won’t have to look far. Especially if you’re willing to listen to there tales of woe. Come in with a happy story of success, it doesn’t take long to empty that room. As much as some… Continue reading Re-Frame Sacrifice to Reward

Be Prepared To Be Kind

We live in an area where we can see whales from the shore, but often need binoculars to do so. There are usually people around us who don’t have any. We have pick up inexpensive pairs to share with anyone who doesn’t have them. Recently someone said, “How kind. I love that you are prepared… Continue reading Be Prepared To Be Kind

Moving On: Before It Was “The Great Resignation”

It has been a year since I submitted my three week notice at a good paying job, with good benefits, that I truly loved. If it was so great, why did feel the need to leave? Not all of it was great. There were constant battles that left me exasperated. When I realized that I… Continue reading Moving On: Before It Was “The Great Resignation”

Learning To Swing with the Rhythm of the Pitcher.

Batter warming up

  I recently went to a minor league baseball game. I noticed that the person waiting to go next would stand near the ball pen and warm up for his turn at bat. What the batter was doing learning to swing with the rhythm of the pitcher. He took the proper stance, brought the bat… Continue reading Learning To Swing with the Rhythm of the Pitcher.

Five Reasons to Order Valentine’s Flowers Now

Time to order Valentine’s flowers. I can hear it now, “Whoa, wait, it’s only the middle of January, don’t rush the year.” I get it, hear me out.   There are several great reasons to get your order in early. Having delivered flowers for several years, there are some things I learned about ordering for Valentine’s.… Continue reading Five Reasons to Order Valentine’s Flowers Now


So ends the “Blogmas challenge”. Actually, it ended Christmas Eve, but then I got on this alphabet roll, and here we are. At the zenith of the experience and experiment. I could have ended on time, but it wouldn’t feel complete, and I have been enjoying the challenge.   Has it happened to you? When you… Continue reading Zenith

Yester-Year Memories

The gifts are all given, the dishes are done, the memories are made. The good, the bad, or the mediocre; these are the holidays that will be recounted in years to come. As I enjoyed the day, yesteryear memories slipped into my thoughts. As I remembered those bygone days, I was thankful for all the… Continue reading Yester-Year Memories

Xenial Customs

There are, approximately, 400 words in the dictionary that begin with X. 120 are considered active in modern English.  As I decided to follow the alphabet through this blog series, I wondered what “X” would mark the spot.  Xenial: relationship of hospitality; particularly between strangers or formal political visit What a perfect word for Christmas… Continue reading Xenial Customs

Windows Into The World

When I was young I often felt that my world was very small. There was so much to see and do, but I would never have the opportunity to know. In those times, I would go looking for a window into the world. I would go to the library. The library is an equalizer. I… Continue reading Windows Into The World