Xenial Customs

There are, approximately, 400 words in the dictionary that begin with X. 120 are considered active in modern English. 

As I decided to follow the alphabet through this blog series, I wondered what “X” would mark the spot. 

Xenial: relationship of hospitality; particularly between strangers or formal political visit

What a perfect word for Christmas Eve. As we begin to gather together again, what hospitality customs are you carrying on, what has changed?

Some families have incorporated video chats, bringing far away family into gift opening, caroling and conversation. While others are bringing back long tables of family. 

Many homes have welcomed strangers into their celebration. Practising xenial customs of behavior.  It is considered polite to know what customs may be practised by the other party. These customs may seem trival, but they have deep rooted meanings for some people.

They come down to respecting the beliefs of your host or your guest. And when we come to a place where we put our respect of others before ourselves, we reach a place where “Peace on Earth, Good will towards men” feels possible. 

Who ever you gather with, how ever you gather, as we celebrate Christmas and the completion of another year, extend xenial hospitality.

By Laura

Laura S. Tarasoff is poet, writer, explorer, and believer in people. Laura lives on Whidbey Island, Washington. Whenever she can she walks the beach looking for agates, hoping for whale sightings, or takes on the splendor of the eagles and hawks filling the prairie sky. She enjoys a terrific burger, a rolling laugh, and getting to know people.Laura hopes that her words will bring hope and encouragement to get through the hardest parts of life.

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