Let Your Light Shine

We took a drive to see the Christmas lights around town.

Such a simple pleasure to see how people chose to express themselves through the displays. Whether it was a lawn loaded with inflated figures or a string of white lights outlining an eve; we oohed and awed appropriately. Every effort applauded. 

The displays that I love the most are the ones on homes so far removed from normal traffic, that you know they were done for the pleasure of those who live there. The spirit of Christmas burns in someone until the day they could turn those lights on for everyone to see. Even if they are the only one to see them.

That’s the spirit I want to have in me all year. To shine with joyous brilliance, even if it I am the only one around to enjoy it. Sounds weird to say it that way. The idea is to be comfortable with who I am; so that if I am alone in a space, I am enough.

In a world where social contact is as close as the nearest wi-fi, being comfortable alone is not practiced nearly enough. Compounded with self-love or self-appreciation being framed as conceit, too many people feel uncomfortable being themselves. The world grows dimmer as they hide their light. “Have self-confidence. Be confident. But don’t actually say you have self-confidence.” It seems as ridiculous as hanging beautiful Christmas lights, but never turning them on. Yes, some people can go over board and get a little gaudy. It is important to keep it in balance. But are they gaudy, or are we unappreciative of their opulence? Waiting for special occasions to let them shine bright, only then to ooh and awe appropriately.

Conceit is different from self-confidence. It comes from a different place of intention. We saw some of those strobe lights reflecting off houses. At one house the light had been turned on a tall tree, but the wind had moved it slightly. So the projection was a little on the tree, but mostly on a bush nearby. With the concentration of lights, it looked like fairy dust being blown up onto the tree. That is what I see conceit being turned into constructive confidence being built into.

Celebrate confidence in others and in yourself. Let your light shine.

By Laura

Laura S. Tarasoff is poet, writer, explorer, and believer in people. Laura lives on Whidbey Island, Washington. Whenever she can she walks the beach looking for agates, hoping for whale sightings, or takes on the splendor of the eagles and hawks filling the prairie sky. She enjoys a terrific burger, a rolling laugh, and getting to know people.Laura hopes that her words will bring hope and encouragement to get through the hardest parts of life.

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