Between The Margins

Life writes a story

Lived out between the margins

How many pages doesn’t define

The whole of life’s story.

Pages tell the story

The margins define the confines

Of where the story takes place.

Some may extend past the margins

Others may scribble notes in them,

A few will run off the side of the page,

Leaving behind more questions than answers.

Ultimately, every life has margins

How one works within them

Makes the story interesting,

Mundane or baffling.

The story is not what’s on the page,

It’s what is, or isn’t, in the margins.



By Laura

Laura S. Tarasoff is poet, writer, explorer, and believer in people. Laura lives on Whidbey Island, Washington. Whenever she can she walks the beach looking for agates, hoping for whale sightings, or takes on the splendor of the eagles and hawks filling the prairie sky. She enjoys a terrific burger, a rolling laugh, and getting to know people.Laura hopes that her words will bring hope and encouragement to get through the hardest parts of life.

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